Sunday, July 23, 2017

This email was sent by Sister Welker on June 19th.  We received it on June 18th.

Week 45: Airport again, Transfers, and Sunday Surprise

Well for someone who's not that close to finishing her mission, I've sure been to the airport heaps hahah.  I'm not getting trunky (missionary term for someone who is ready to go home) or anything, but it is kinda ironic.

Yep we had another sister stay with us this week. Her name is Sister Taragnutu (tera-new-two) and she's from Kitibus (might have spelled that wrong).  She was telling us of all her favorite memories and told us that the only advice she has for missionaries, is just to be yourself.  The night before we dropped her off we had a movie night watching the District, and eating ice cream!! 

Finding the airport is easy since all the signs have airplanes on them making it easy to find the airport.  It's getting back home that's the struggle.  So we may or may not have gotten lost on the way back home, haha.

In regards to transfers, I'M STAYING!!!  I've only had two areas my whole mission and I've been here since February.  Not sure I'll be staying again after this transfer but who knows!? And I'm still with Sister C.  By the end of this transfer, she'll be the companion I've been with the longest.

Sunday there was hardly anyone at church.  Not sure why but we did have Elder Henry B. Eyring, and Neil L. Anderson here this weekend for a dedication for a church history museum, I believe.  So maybe that's why hardly anyone was at church.  There was however, a family visiting from Tauranga.  It was the Tusenga family!!!!! :D  Straight after sacrament I ran over and gave them the biggest hug!!  It was so good to see them, and I was so so happy!!

That's about it for this week.  But I hope you all have a great week and I wish you all the best!!  Thanks again for all the love and prayers.  

Sister Mandy Welker

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